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Micro-miniature cryogenic refrigerators

CryoTech is a young startup company founded in 2018. the first startup member of the Gevasol Group.

Micro-miniature cryogenic Stirling refrigerators are primarily used for military infrared applications. CryoTech major price reduction enables application of this technology for civilian purposes such as advanced driver assistance, enhaced vision systems for aircraft landing, gas leak detection, remote fever detection, etc.

CryoTech’ cryogenic refrigerators are compact and light weight yet very powerful and cost effective.

Cooled IR vision @ Uncooled Cost

Alexander Veprik
PhD, MSc | CTO
World-renowned expert, educator, inventor
and designer of low size, weight and power
Stirling cryogenic refrigerators.

Product Groups

  • Split linear Stirling
  • Integral linear Stirling
product image

Design Features

  • High driving frequency
  • Single-piston compressor
  • Lightweight moving assembly
  • Low cost “moving magnet” actuator
  • Cold finger: OD=6.2mm, L=20mm
  • Cold finger wall thickness 130um (standard)
  • Cold finger materials: Ti 6Al-4V ELI
  • Optional low weight tuned dynamic absorber
  • Industrial COTS PWM H-bridge programmable driver


  • Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS)
  • Enhanced Flight Vision System (EVS)
  • Gas leak detection
  • Elevated Body Temperature Screening