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Affordable Cryocoolers for Commercial IR Imaging

Join Dr. Veprik at the technical conference and learn more about CryoTech new
“Affordable Cryocoolers for Commercial IR Imaging”


Featured Products of the Month: Respiratory Valves

Proportional valve family for respiratory applications


Celebrating in a Time of COVID-19

Tu Bi’shvat is the New Year of the trees, according to the Jewish tradition. In modern times it is celebrated by planting trees, eating dried fruit, drinking wine, and reading a Tu Bi’shvat “Haggadah.”


Our New Fluid Control Division

To continue evolving while providing flawless service and products, we’ve identified a need for a specialized Fluid Control Division. René Beuving, who currently heads Gevasol Holland, will lead the new division. His title will be Vice President, Fluid Control Division.


Dr. Alex Veprik of Cryotech to Present at the International Cryocoolers Conference.

Dr. Alex Veprik of Cryotech will present Cryothech’s breakthrough: Affordable Cryocoolers for Commercial IR Imaging at the annual International Cryocoolers Conference.


A New Extreme-High-Power Simulation Lab at GFT

Congratulations to the Gevasol Feedback Technology (GFT) team!

Last week they launched a new extreme-high-power simulation lab at GFT’s facility in Yavneh, Israel.

In the new lab, the R&D team will test heavy electrical loads in ‘real-life’ conditions and work on multiple projects simultaneously.

Dino Elran, GFT’s CEO, says: “The new lab supports the rising workload of our many new projects. It shortens our time to market by increasing in-house testing capabilities and capacity.”


CryoTech Inauguration event

Congratulations to the CryoTech team and the Gevasol Group innovation center!

We celebrated today a significant milestone,
the ‘Proof of Concept‘ of the Arne, our innovative cryogenic cooler.




Elactis’s New Building

Elactis SA, a memeber of the Gevasol group has moved to a new premises as of May 1, 2020, to accommodate the growth of the company.


GoDare for a Better World

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Lely.
We have joined forces to create GoDare a Netherlands-based initiative to support the next technological pioneers by bringing them together with established entrepreneurs and industry leaders.