The control algorithms are designed to meet the most challenging plants,
including heavy, fast loads, variety of resonance frequencies, etc., thus achieving
optimum performance for both geared and direct - drive motors.

All drives and power systems include and are managed by GFTuner software tools.
Implementation of GFT-Servo allows advanced and complex control schemes, including ‘Gain Scheduling’ for instant handling of changing system dynamics, and Automatic Transfer Function identification, including uncertainty.
The SW tool includes also built in integration and debugging functions.

Main features

Minimal dimensions and weight
Operating temperature: -45 to +60 ̊C, may be ordered to operate at -55 to 71 ̊C
Withstands 100% humidity, including condensation and salt fog


No. of Axes
Motor Supply [Vdc]
380 - 400 VAC
Current Cont./Peak [Arms]
25 /50
Output Power (per axis) [KW]
Motor Types
Brushed or brushless DC, or AC induction
Resolver, 16 bit, configurable 100-1000 Hz bandwidth, automatic phase correction up to 45 ̊ shifts, factory calibrated, 1 mrad precision
12x inputs , 2x high side drive outputs, 2x line driver outputs
Dim. [mm³]
140 x 111 x 56 (mm3)
Weight [gr.]
6.4 Kg
Drive efficiency [%]
96% at full power
Short circuit between motor phases, and between motor phase to ground, over voltage, regeneration power limitations, temperature of power bridge and motor over temperature
Analog input
2x Precision reference input, 2x External temperature sensor inputs, +/- 10V
Reliability [MTBF]
MTBF 40000 Hrs operation hours at 40 ̊' per MIL HBK 217
2XRS422, 2xCAN
By heat transfer to baseplate. Optional: fins for air cooling
Environmental Conditions
Max. Humidity [%]
95%, non-condensing (100% condensing humidity+ salt fog endurance by special order)
Vibration [Hz]
5g rms